August Data Physicalisation Workshop

Join us for a Design St Andrews summer meetup on Wednesday, August 14 at the School of Computer Science, Jack Cole building Room 1.33a (at the North Haugh) from 2 – 4pm. Uta Hinrichs will give a hands-on workshop on how to represent data using physical materials.

Data physicalization is a way to encode data in form of physical artifacts and experiences. The workshop will provide a brief overview of opportunities and benefits of designing physical artifacts using data for engaging audiences (especially non-specialists) in data explorations and analysis. This will be followed by a hands-on activity where participants are invited to work together in groups and create their own data physicalizations based on provided data sets. Participants will learn how to translate data into material forms and how materials may help engage people with data using in particular tactile senses.

Space at the workshop is limited to 18 people, so please sign up if you like to participate:


  • 2:00 – Design St Andrews Welcome
  • 2:15 – Introduction to Data Physicalization [slides here]
  • 2:45 – Data Physicalization Activity
  • 3:30 – Discussion of Physicalization Outcomes
  • 3:55 – Closing & future event date announcement


May Networking Meetup

After our successful kick-off in March, join us for our second meeting on the 15th of May from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in the Studio of the Byre Theatre. Please register via Eventbrite.

In this session, we’ll continue getting to know our own design community – what are we working on and what can we learn from each other? In response to the suggestions at our previous event, we have organised ‘Design Speed-Dating’. Bring an object or image that represents your work and use that to talk about your design project, prototype an idea, or discuss any issue you’re experiencing in a design process. These short, circulating, 1-1 chats provide a more interactive platform to get to know each other and to present or pilot your work.


  • 13:30 – Welcome
  • 13:35 – Feedback on brainstorming from last meeting [slides here]
  • 13:45 – Design Speed-Dating
  • 14:35 – Professor Tom Inns on Design for a Dynamic World (see abstract below)
  • 15:00 – Iain Carson How it’s made? Reflections on Film Blitz and making short films
  • 15:15 – Future events and skill share opportunities
  • 15:25 – Plugs: promote events and other news

Design for a Dynamic World [slides here]

Tom Inns will explore how design adapts to a rapidly changing world. He will share his experience of using design thinking approaches when undertaking projects dealing with complex challenges. He will discuss the value design thinking can bring to the work of universities who are actively pursuing interdisciplinary research.

Professor Tom Inns – Design Facilitator

Tom Inns has established tfink to bring design thinking approaches to complex challenges. He works with universities, public sector organisations and businesses across the world.

Tom was Director of the Glasgow School of Art from 2013 to 2018, taking the Institution from 20th to 8th position in the QS World rankings. Previously he was Head of the School of Design, Dean of DJCAD and Director of Research for the College of Art Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee. Whilst at the University of Dundee he was Director of the AHRC/EPSRC funded UK-wide Designing for the 21st Century Research Initiative. Before moving to Scotland in 2000 Tom was Director of the Design Research Centre at Brunel University where he led over a dozen KTP programmes developing the design capability of small firms. He studied Engineering at the University of Bristol and Innovation Design at the Royal College of Art. His PhD, explored the impact of design on innovation success in business.

Welcome to Design St Andrews

Do you have a secret or not-so-secret passion for design? You are not alone!

From Visual Design, to Data Visualisation, to Design Thinking, to Co-Design – many people in the St Andrews community use visual and user-centred design as part of their research and teaching. This event brings together the community of design-minded people to connect, exchange practices and inspire new ideas. 

Join the first University-wide meeting on the 13th March from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in St Mary’s College, Lecture Room 2.

The registration for both attendance and contributions is now open:


  • 13:30 – Welcome, coffee, and getting to know each other
  • 14:00 – External speaker: Mr Rodney Mountain (ENT surgeon and lead for healthcare ‘Design and Innovation’)
  • 14:15 – Showcases: 3-minute presentations to showcase how design is used in St Andrews.
  • 14:45 – 15:30 Brainstorm session
    • What types of design expertise and skills do we have in St Andrews?
    • Ideas and wish list for future events
  • 15:25 – Closing & future event date announcement